Call center coaching ensures high quality performance
Call center coaching, a service offered by Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Advantage, can have a significant impact on your call center’s performance. Every call center has the goal to help their customers and give them a positive customer service experience. But there is always room for improvement, and most employees want to learn and excel at their job. Call center coaching not only helps improve the performance of the people answering the phones but of supervisors and managers as well. All this leads to high quality customer service for your customers.

call center coaching- with Sage Advantage in Scottsdale AZCall center coaching offers many benefits
Call center coaching has many benefits for your call center. First, it can help develop the skills of not only your phone representatives but your managers and supervisors as well. Second, it can help increase sales by training people on cross selling and really listening to your customer’s needs. Third, it can improve customer retention. Customers who have a great customer service experience and feel their problem was heard and resolved are more likely to stick with your company than find a new one.

Sage Analytics offers call center coaching as part of their suite of products
Sage Analytics, a third party quality assurance company, offers a variety of different tools and services to help you meet your goals and save you time and money. Analytics tools, call recording services, and even surveys, are just some of the ways we help you meet and exceed your goals. But, call center coaching is an essential tool for many call centers that may be pushed to the side.

But many people may wonder how we do this. By creating measurable standards for each individual agent, their progress is tracked in real time to see their development. We also pair our coaching experts with your call center managers through group performance reviews. During this review, our experts provide managers directions for improvement while also giving feedback on the performances of call center representatives. This also helps develop the coaching skills of your managers.

Sage Analytics takes call center coaching seriously as we know how important it is. It is essential to use that we provide quality, constructive feedback that lends itself to quality coaching suggestions and ideas.

Call center coaching based in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona
Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Analytics offers so much more than just call center coaching. We work with you, as partners, to identify your goals and set standards for your call center. Then, we measure analytics and listen to calls to help you coach your employees so they can deliver the highest quality customer service possible. Also check out Evaluate Quality and our online features. To learn more about the many call center QA services we offer, or to schedule a free demo, be sure to contact us today.