Call center monitoring helps improve customer experience.

Call center monitoring will build your customer loyalty. When customers begin to love their experience with your business, it changes them from being ordinary customers to becoming loyal fans who will gladly tell their friends and relatives about your products and services.

Call center monitoring available in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AR

Call center monitoring is key to the success of your business. Your customers are your business’ most prized possession; call center monitoring helps ensure that they love, and stay with you.

Imaging you are a parent with 3 teenagers at home. The holidays are fast approaching, and this year, you are having some high caliber guests over. Obviously, you need to do some cleaning and redecoration.

You apportion the house into 3 sections, and assign each section to one of the children for cleaning and redecorating. Would you wait for the day your guests are expected to arrive before going to inspect whether the cleaning and redecorating was done properly? I’m guessing the answer to that question would be a no for you.  You would check back, maybe a couple of days after giving the assignment, to see how much progress your children are making. In essence, you will need to monitor and evaluate.

Call center monitoring ensures quality

When it comes to the success of your call center or contact center, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona, Saint Paul- Minneapolis, in Minnesota or Boston, Massachusetts; what matters is that your call agents have what it takes to go above, and beyond your customer’s expectations.

When customers begin to associate your business with high quality service, they become loyal to you, and buy from you more frequently. They also gladly refer their relative and friends to your business. And this means that you have more profits at the end of the day.  By properly monitoring your agents, you ensure that they are treating your customers the way you want them to be treated – that your call center agents are providing quality customer interactions.

How you define quality customer interaction in the call center is important

For you to be able to monitor the quality of your contact center, you need to have standards you’re going to measure against. The objective of monitoring the quality of your call center’s performance is to identify the calls that are not meeting your set standards, and then find out why.   When you know why, you can now take steps to change them.

Some steps you could take would include using the monitoring to identify gaps between where agents are in terms of their performance, and where they need to be. You can then adjust your agent training and coaching programs to fill those gaps in knowledge and skills. It may also be that your monitoring will reveal problems in how calls are handled, or how customer complaints are resolved. Once you become aware of all these things you can chose to fix them yourself, or you can bring in external expert to help you.  To get to the point where you’re taking the right corrective action, you need to be able to properly evaluate a respectable sample of call center interactions. You want a wide enough sample that will allow you to get a good sense of the realities of the center.

Sage Advantage features Evaluate Quality™ in call center monitoring

Sage Advantage has vast experience in quality management for call centers.  We exist to improve customer experience for our clients.  By blending expertly engineered quality solutions with the latest advancements in industry-leading technologies.

One such technology is our trade marked Evaluate Quality™ call center software. With over 10 years of research put into its development, Evaluate Quality™ brings out the best in the quality of any call center monitoring activity  by using a number of advanced settings that  operate live to measure the ongoing quality of the center.  With this system our client do not need any additional software or hardware because Sage Advantage takes care of everything.