A strong quality program can give you improved results
Call center monitoring, which is just one of the many services Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage offers, is often one of the most important facets of your quality assurance program. Since your call center is usually the first point of contact with your business for many customers, having call center monitoring in place can help ensure your call center is functioning at its full potential.

There are many benefits to having call center monitoring
Just like when a business makes any big decision, companies considering adding call center monitoring want to know how that new product or service will benefit them. When it comes to monitoring your call center, everyone benefits. Managers and supervisors, call center representatives, and even your customers, can all benefit from call center monitoring by Sage Advantage.

Call center monitoring through Sage Advantage can help you evaluate and coach your representatives. Plus, we can help you eliminate risk by ensuring you, and your representatives are fully compliant. Since everyone wants to do well at their job, call center monitoring can help your representatives learn and grow in their role, and in turn, provide customers with a quality customer service experience.

Managers and supervisors, though you may not realize it, can also benefit from call center monitoring by Sage Advantage. First, we can help managers save time in their busy schedules. With Sage Advantage taking over call monitoring duties, your managers have more time to focus on other duties and projects. Sage Advantage also offers coaching services and can review agent’s performances with managers and make recommendations for improvement. This can help your managers improve their coaching and managing skills.

Lastly, your customers will also benefit from call center monitoring. First, our services can help identify any problems that arise and take swift action to correct them. Our predictive analytics can help you plan for the future and ensure you’re staffed properly when you need to be, so customers aren’t waiting long periods of time for assistance. Plus, happier representatives will often lend itself to better customer service, which can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Call center monitoring in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona
Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage offers a variety of tools and services to help ensure your call center is running smoothly. Call center monitoring benefits everyone from your managers and call center representatives to your customers, which, in turn, can help improve your business. To learn more about the many services and tools we offer, or to schedule a free demonstration, be sure to contact us today. Also check out Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage, and their online offerings today. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.