What is call center monitoring?

Call center monitoring is an impactful way to improve quality management, customer service, and business efficiency. A call center is a company’s front line of customer interaction. Many businesses recognize that their call center has the potential to provide a wealth of customer data and information that can be used to identify and prevent issues and improve processes. However, this data can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to gather and analyze. As a result, opportunities to improve both customer service and the bottom line are lost.

Further, a negative call center experience greatly impacts customer satisfaction, and can cause a company to lose business. Quality management of call center interactions is crucial to ensure that customer needs are being appropriately met.Call center monitoring with Sage Advantage

Call center monitoring is a quality management service generally provided by a third party to help improve customer service while reducing the cost of quality. For example, call center monitoring might include call recording solutions, coaching and training for employees, and implementation of customer satisfaction surveys. The goal of call center monitoring is to streamline processes, improve customer experience, enhance quality management, and improve overall profitability.


Actionable data from call center monitoring

Many businesses might find it hard to identify and define exactly what level of customer service is being provided in their call center. After all, it’s not as if managers can listen in and critique every call. Without firm data, it’s difficult to identify issues or make changes to improve customer experience. This knowledge gap results in a disconnect between the customer and the company.

Call center monitoring can bridge this gap. A good call center monitoring company will record, analyze, and distill information gathered from monitoring customer interactions. This provides management with focused and easy to understand data that can be used to deploy business improvement measures. For example, call recording and analytics may identify that a large percentage of customers are experiencing the same issues or frustrations. This data can help managers prioritize and address specific needs in the organization, or provide customer service representatives with specific scripts to respond to the issue.

Improved quality management and monitoring

In addition to gathering and sharing data, call center monitoring can help improve the quality of the customer experience. This is often achieved through monitoring, training, and coaching call center employees so that they are addressing customer needs appropriately and providing the best possible customer experience. Improving customer satisfaction helps build a tangible competitive advantage.

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