Simplifying your call center, can lead to improved service
Call center optimization can help you simplify your call center, and in turn, improve the service your agents provide customers. It can be difficult enough to handle customer questions and complaints on phone calls, let alone trying to manage multiple systems while doing so. It can be equally frustrating for your quality team or management team to remember what system houses reports and what system houses call recordings.

Consider using Sage Advantage as part of a call center optimization plan. Along with simplifying life for everyone in your call center, you’ll see other benefits as well.

There are many benefits to call center optimization
Call center optimization provides your business with many benefits. First, it can improve customer service by making it easier for agents to find what they need to help customers, while also not needing to change systems to record calls and notes.

Your management team and quality assurance teams can also benefit from call center optimization. By housing everything in one, easy to navigate system, your supervisory team can easily and quickly identify trends and take immediate action to correct them. Plus, it will be easier to find reports and analytics when needed, thus saving them time each day.

Lastly, your business can improve. By making the jobs of your agents and management team easier, they can provide better customer service to your customers. This can lead to increased sales and improved customer retention.

Use Sage Advantage’s SAAS system to keep all your information in one place
Sage Advantage can help you in your call center optimization plans. Our cloud based, SAAS system is able to house a significant amount of data, while still being easy to navigate.

In addition to our software, we also offer other tools and services to ensure your call center is running smoothly. Our call recording makes it easy to find calls when you’re ready to review them, while our survey option gets you feedback directly from your customers. We also offer quality monitoring services, analytics, predictive analytics, and even training and coaching services. All of which can be housed in one, easy to use system.

Call center optimization
A quality call center is an important aspect of your business. By providing quality customer services to customers who call in, you can grow your business and retain valuable customers. Call center optimization can help with this goal by making your system easy to navigate since everything is in one place. To learn more about Sage Advantage and how we can help you optimize your call center, be sure to contact us today. Or, to see our system in action, request a free, no obligation demonstration.

Sage Advantage provides call center quality assurance services including vendor management. Utilizing AI and machine learning technologies combined with human expertise. Schedule a call to discuss how we can help you get the most from call center services providers.