QA is an important aspect of having a successful call center
Call center QA, such as that offered by Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage, provides many benefits. Having a well trained and high performing call center can benefit your company in the form of happier customers and improved customer retention, and even increased sales.

But, even though call center QA is such an essential part of your business, it can be difficult to give it the attention it deserves. That’s where we come in. When you work with Sage Advantage, we become an extension of your QA team and work with you to achieve your call center goals.

We offer a variety of tools and services to help you reach your goals
At Sage Advantage, we offer more than just call center QA. We offer a variety of tools and services that aid in call center QA while also helping improve your overall call center performance.

Our call recording and call monitoring options are perhaps two of the most important parts of call center QA. Our call recording services can work as part of our platform, or as an add on to the existing phone service you use. We can then access the calls to review them and identify high performers as well as areas in which people can improve.

Another important aspect of call center QA is training and coaching. Sage Advantage offers training and coaching services that not only benefit your representatives but also help improve your manager’s skills as well. You’ll be assigned a quality team that will review calls, then review them with you. Your Quality Manager will then provide suggestions for improvement and determine a plan of action.

Our system makes accessing the information you need easy
We also offer our own propriety system call Sage Analytics. Our system was designed to store all the information you need, from reports to call recordings, while also being easy to navigate. By storing everything in one place, you can quickly identify trends and pull the analytics you need. Plus, since it’s a cloud based software, you don’t have to purchase any bulky equipment or download any software that can slow your system down.

Call center QA based in Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage is so much more than just a call center QA service. We are your partners. We work with you to determine your goals and set a path that will help you reach, and even exceed them. We create a fully customized plan with your goals in mind. To learn more about our services, or to request a free demonstration of our system, be sure to contact us today.