Call center QA helps grow your customer base and sales

 Call Center QA (quality assurance), provides you with the comfort of knowing that your customer service experience is running at an optimal level.  Without it, you as a business owner are at risk of losing a significant amount of your customer base.  Nobody wants that!  That’s why so many business owners in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona, have decided to use Sage Advantage for all of their quality assurance needs!

Call center QA from Sage Advantage provides you with the necessary tools you need when trying to improve your business model.  Having a decade-worth of experience in delivering the best customer service possible, the team at Sage has created and developed a variety of different metrics and analytics that has been proven to be effective.  Their services give you the ability to review and monitor your entire customer service department.  In other words, this means that you’ll be able to get extremely hands-on information about what the experience is like for the customer.

That’s why the call center QA at Sage Advantage stands out among the rest.  They understand just how important a welcoming and comfortable experience is for the customer.  That’s why they’ll teach the importance of communication to your employees, whether it be listening or responding to all of a customer’s needs.  That way, your customer base will grow and in turn, your sales will reach new heights.

Quality assurance done right

Sage Advantage tackles call center QA in a variety of ways.  They can implement customer satisfaction surveys that can help track your customer’s experience with your employees.  These surveys can be done in a variety of ways.  Firstly, there are surveys that can be done over the phone.  They can be performed by a Sage Advantage operative or an automated voice response after the phone call with your employee has ended.  There’s also the option of having an online survey.  These types of surveys are sent to the customer via email and allows them to complete it at their own leisure.  The survey option you choose is entirely up to you.  The results of these surveys are immediately sent to you so that you can review them and adjust your business strategy as needed.

Call Center QA with Sage Advantage in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

So many businesses have brought on Sage Advantage to help them out with their call center QA and have never looked back.  That’s because the level of care and efficiency provided by the Sage Advantage team is unparalleled.  If you’re looking to boost your customer base and sales, then make the right decision and contact Sage Advantage today. Also check out Evaluate Quality, created by Sage Advantage.   They will work with you and come up with the best quality assurance methods for your business.  Visit the rest of their website today and see all of their invaluable services!