Call center QA is an integral element in helping call centers achieve top productivity

Call center QA (Quality Assurance) is an important element closely tracked by call center monitoring service companies. QA incorporates different measures to gauge and rate call centers as a whole, and individual agents within their company.

Call centers sometimes rely too heavily on new technology

The advent of new and much improved technology and call center-specific programs and software has helped some call centers immensely. Their own specific productivity and levels of quality they are providing client companies has made significant strides as a result of staying “ahead of the curve” in their industry. Some companies are, however, relying too much on new technology, losing some focus on the human element side of the equation.

How this technology can be too much for customers to tolerate

One tangible example of how this more advanced means of technology can ultimately adversely affect customer satisfaction is one a whole lot of people can relate to. New programs and technology in some situations result in putting people on hold for lengthy, extended periods of time. Often, even prior to being put on hold, customers will have to listen to long menu options, having to make menu choices over and over again as the automated system narrows down the purpose of the customer’s call. Studies have shown that customer satisfaction with some companies has gotten so bad, results directly attributed to extremely poor customer service on the call center end of interactions, that companies are losing customers. This can certainly be one case where advanced technology and metrics has perhaps improved productivity on the call center side of things, but takes much of the human element out, or at the very least delays human interaction much too long for customer’s tolerances.

How call center QA fits into the equation

Customers calling companies realize that in this day and age, they won’t be able to talk to who they want to right away when they call companies with questions, concerns, inquiries, or other reasons. They recognize that some degree of automation will be involved, and can tolerate that to a certain extent. But when this automation serves to take too long and becomes tedious for the customer, then perhaps things have gotten out of hand. There’s a very fine line between tolerance and aggravation.

One extremely effective way of diagnosing customer satisfaction with call centers and the means by which they handle customers for their clients is to bring in a call center monitoring company that can monitor and track all the processes and activity that take place between customers and the call center. Quality assurance can be evaluated in great detail, with data and information that the monitoring yields provided to company representatives in clear, concise reporting. If the aforementioned situation is a major cause of customer dissatisfaction, monitoring will immediately recognize this problem, and will be diagnosed and reported on immediately. Measures can then be taken to address this problem before it becomes too much of a great liability.

Sage Advantage, in Scottsdale AZ, provides valuable call center QA feedback

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