Sage Advantage announces the creation of an all-in-one Quality Management System for all types of businesses.

The Call Center Quality Management System created by Sage Advantage is called Evaluate Quality™ and is designed for call centers. This system is one of the industry’s simplest and most powerful customizable quality monitoring system.

Evaluate Quality™ has everything your call center needs:
• Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
• Centralized Quality Reporting
• Customizable Quality Evaluations
• Manage Coaching and Track Effectiveness
• Predictive Analysis
• Powerful Analytics & Comprehensive Reporting
• Audit/Appeals Tracking & Analysis

Call Center Quality Management System created by Sage Advantage

Evaluate Quality’s Quality Management System was developed by call center experts after 10 years of painstaking research and after testing it in call centers all across the nation. This all-in-one (and for all budgets) system combines proven successful techniques utilizing technology, evolving process best practices and even psychology to help you deliver results. Evaluate Quality™ is the one Quality Management System that fits your budget and delivers results without ANY add-ons. To learn more, click here.