Is your outsourced call center HELPING or HURTING your business?

You may be saving time and money with your outsourced call center… but at what cost? BPO’s and outsource call center providers often provide quality assurance and associated reporting to their customers. However, we found actual quality levels were significantly lower, than what the vendor was reporting to their customers in 87% of vendors evaluated.

Most industries do not allow the same group performing the service or manufacturing a product to also perform quality checks and analysis. Best practice and in keeping with International Standards of Operation (ISO) quality assurance should be provided by an unbiased skilled third party to ensure quality. The call center industry, including both internal and outsourced centers, have generally not followed this best practice leading to skewed results and masking customer impacts.

We are changing all this. Now we can analyze 100% of interactions conducted by your contact center vendors. Providing transparency and confidence in the validity of your data and in turn the service being provided to your customers.

For Vendors

Sage Provides Transparency to Your Customers to:

  • Build long term relationships with clients, based on transparency and service excellence.
  • Ensure customers of third-party verified service quality, giving them direct access to analytics & reporting.
  • Client specific Quality criteria that incorporates industry best practices and your customers’ specific requirements.
  • Provide advanced online reporting and Ai-Driven analytics in real-time.
  • Differentiate your contact center from other outsources, by providing the confidence your client’s customers will handled with care and within expectations.
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