Implementing call monitoring software
You probably already know that call monitoring software can have huge potential benefits for your contact center. You can better measure performance, enhance training, improve operations, and increase efficiency. All of this can be done for a fairly reasonable investment.

However, you may have concerns about what implementing call monitoring software would do to performance, retention, and morale. You may worry that associates will not react well to the proposed changes. While this concern is legitimate, it can be mitigated through proper planning and thoughtful execution.

Challenges face by associates
Oftentimes, agents in a call center who are not regularly or closely monitored will feel apprehension about the implementation of call center monitoring. When calls are recorded, reviewed, and scored, there can be some anxiety about the consequences.

Some agents may feel put off by being surveilled, or worried about being “caught” making a mistake. In order for call monitoring software implementation to be successful, you will want to make sure that associates recognize the benefits that they can realize from participating.

Tips for a smooth call monitoring software introduction
In order to make sure that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible and your associates are on board, consider the following:
• Transparency- make sure that management is completely clear about what exactly the system will and will not do. Frequency of call monitoring, the type of data gathered, and the disposition of the information should all be shared with associates.
• Objective metrics- let your associates know what they will be scored on and how. Knowing exactly what success looks like will make them more comfortable with the new software system.
• Positive reinforcement- don’t make the performance management aspect of call monitoring software only for penalizing agents. Find ways to incentivize and reward associates for great performance or for going above and beyond.

Choosing your best call monitoring software partner
If the challenges that may be associated with introducing a new call monitoring software have kept you from initiating call center monitoring, you may not want to wait any longer. If you are ready to realize the efficiency and performance improvement in your contact center that comes with implementing call center monitoring, then it may be time for you to contact Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage Advantage. The expert team at Evaluate Quality in the Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ area can help you design the solution that is right for your call center and your associates.

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