Your call center is the heartbeat of your business
Call monitoring can help you know what your customers experience when they call your call center. Since your call center has the most interaction with customers, both when they are happy and when they are upset, your call center is the heartbeat of your business. A good experience with a superb agent can go a long way in retaining a customer, while a poor experience can cost you a valued customer.

So, you may be wondering how you can ensure your customers are receiving quality service. And, how you can identify any issues that occur. Sage Advantage can help. We offer a variety of tools and services that can assist in call monitoring and monitoring your call center.

We’ll create a plan that is 100 percent customized for you
Since Sage Advantage offers more than just call monitoring services, we’ll first discuss the goals you have for your call center and the challenges you face when it comes to reaching those. Then, we’ll look at the services we offer and create a plan that is customized for you. This plan will not only help you achieve your results but exceed them.

Call monitoring helps give you a picture of what your customers are experiencing
One of the most important parts of helping you meet your call center goals is call monitoring. This lets you see and hear what your customers are experiencing. It also helps you identify training opportunities as well as agents who maybe aren’t performing their best.

When you use Sage Advantage to meet your call monitoring needs, you get a team of quality experts to review your calls. By having a team of experts handle this portion, your managers are free to focus on other tasks. Plus, we also provide coaching and training advice to help you elevate your agents’ performances.

We also offer a variety of other tools
In addition to call monitoring services, we also offer other tools to help you improve your call center’s performance. Our platform, Sage Analytics, can house a large amount of information but is still easy to navigate. We also offer predictive analytics to ensure your call center is adequately staffed as well as a survey tool that gets real, honest feedback from your customers.

Call monitoring for your call center
Call monitoring is an important tool as it allows you to know what type of customer service experience they are receiving when they contact your company’s call center. But, monitoring every call that comes in can be time consuming, and many managers don’t have the time to do it all. By letting Sage Advantage’s team of experts review calls, you get expert advice to help you improve your agents’ performances while also identifying high performers. To learn more about our tools and services, or to schedule a free demonstration, be sure to reach out today. We look forward to helping you meet and exceed your call center goals.