We Have the Recording Solution
Cloud, On-Premise and Cost Effective

Works in Parallel with Legacies Recording System and Provides Highest Quality Audio, Used in Conjunction with Advanced Speech Analytics

We offer a new flexible and affordable approach to call recording that links directly with advanced analytics and provides dual channel high quality audio required by advanced Ai-driven analytics. Drive business outcome through analysis of your interactions with customers and prospects. The initial building block of high definition audio recordings is now offered via a simple non-intrusive device produced by a leading trusted global network infrastructure manufacture.  Now your organization can have the freedom of utilizing an advanced high definition audio that is directly integrated with our advanced Ai-driven analytics.

The vast benefits of this advancement in call recording are clear:

  • High Quality Dual Channel Audio
  • Now You Can Leverage Advanced Analytics Capabilities
  • Greatly Reduce the Cost of Call Recording
  • Full Compliance and Reduced Liability
  • Better Quality Control
  • Enhanced Security PCI
  • Record Up to 100% of Your Call Volume

Full-featured call recording with non-intrusive hardware requirements

Sage Advantage’s new advanced call recording provides a fast implementation, you can leverage the benefits of high-quality audio with advanced features within the Evaluate Quality platform. If you don’t yet have a recording solution, our leading call recording combines call monitoring, evaluations and recording in a single turnkey quality platform.

Sage Advantage’s advanced turnkey call recording can be used as the primary recording solution or combined in a multi-center environment along with other systems to provide full coverage to all our operational areas.

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