Affordable – High-Definition Call Recording Solution

Works in Parallel with Legacies Recording System,

Used in Conjunction with Advanced Speech Analytics

We offer a new flexible and affordable approach to call recording that can link directly with advanced speech analytics.  Providing dual channel high quality audio required by advanced AI-driven speech analytics.  The initial building block for utilizing AI-Driven analytics is high definition audio recordings, now offered via a flexible and affordable options. Evaluate Quality Recording System (EQRS) gives your organization can have the freedom high quality and high volume of recording without big system pricing.  And the option of utilizing an advanced high-definition audio that is directly integrated with our advanced AI-driven analytics.

All the benefits of advanced call recording at extremely affordable cost:

  • High Quality Dual Channel Audio
  • Greatly Reduce the Cost of Call Recording – And High-Definition Quality
  • Now You Can Leverage Advanced Analytics Capabilities
  • Full Compliance and Reduced Liability
  • Better Quality Control
  • Enhanced Security PCI
  • Record Up to 100% of Your Call Volume

Full-featured call recording for your call center.

Sage Advantage’s advanced call recording provides a fast implementation.  You can leverage the benefits of high-quality audio with advanced features within the Evaluate Quality platform, even if you require on-prememis call recording. If you don’t yet have a recording solution, or are considering a new one, our leading contact center call recording is single turnkey solution that can be combined with other quality platform functions. You only pay for what you need.

Sage Advantage’s advanced call center call recording can be used as the primary recording solution or combined in a multi-center environment along with other systems to provide full coverage to all our operational areas.

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