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Coaching – Training:

Once your contact center is professionally trained to listen to, engage with and genuinely help your customers, amazing things unfold. Customer satisfaction skyrockets. Retention and mass referrals follow. Suddenly you’re shattering sales records.

Sage Advantage combines targeted coaching and training for both agents and supervisors. Our expert coaches provide constructive feedback, addressing specific areas for improvement while establishing a clear path for meeting goals and objectives.

Benefits of Sage Advantage Coaching and Training Include:

Skill Development:
From startups to experienced call centers, our coaching provides the instruction and resources to help your team perfect their listening, engagement and problem solving skills.

Increasing Sales:
Master sales techniques such as up-selling and cross-selling while maintaining a positive customer experience.

Customer Retention:
Build great long-term relationships with your customers by utilizing valuable skill sets, such as developing issue identification skills and providing workable options and alternatives to customers specific to your business and customer base.

Even Supervisors Grow From Our Coaching and Training:

Focused on Improving Group Performance:
For large or multi-center operations, Sage offers regularly scheduled reviews of group quality performance. This allows supervisors to develop their own coaching skills as well as learn to identify and proactively address trends in service quality.

Group Performance Review:
A Quality Manager reviews agent performance with supervisors and provides direction for areas for improvement as well as identifying high performers.

Clear-cut & Specific Recommendations:
Through evaluations and analysis, the Quality Manager provides courses of action to help improve service for specific individuals as well as the group. Sage quality analysts and coaches work together to provide the most beneficial recommendations.

Skills Development:
Further develop coaching skills and learn to identify and proactively address trends in service quality.

Measurable Results:
Coaching effectiveness and agent progress toward specific goals is tracked in real-time and is unique to each agent. Every training effort should have measurable results and lasting impact.

Gain valuable knowledge and skills while reaping massive results from our coaching.
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