Sage Advantage is excited to present the launch of Evaluate Quality™. This service was previously only available to Sage Advantage clients utilizing their quality analysis services. Now customers can use the same tool as the experts.

Evaluate Quality LaunchEvaluate Quality was developed over 15 years.  It provides organizations with a robust quality management tool that is recording system independent and covers all the aspects of the quality assurance process.

From evaluate, trend analysis, calibration, coaching, appeals and even predictive analytics. Additional add-on options include customer satisfactions surveys tired back to the agent. There’s even a mobile application available for busy mangers to keep updated regarding the quality of service delivery being provided.

Evaluate Quality is the perfect blend of technology and human analysis. It is cloud based, and allows companies and their call centers quick implementation.

“Evaluate Quality™ was developed with one purpose: To enhance the quality of your call center. We are excited to be able to offer this to our clients and the public,” says founder Scott Miles.

Evaluate Quality creates value by empowering your organization with analysis that drives quality. Some of it’s features include:

  • Real-Time Reporting- with access to feedback and an analysis immediately available so you can start taking action
  • Customizable Quality Evaluations Criteria- specific to your unique procedures, business objectives, and customer base dynamics.
  • Centralized Quality Reporting- Independent of recording systems, receive cross-platform evaluations and centralized quality reporting
  • Predictive Analytics- See the future and affect change before it happens.
  • Coaching- Coaching session management, scheduling, and tracking included
  • Calibration- Achieve calibration across multiple locations and vendors. The system provides real-time results and gap analysis.
  • Analytics and Reporting- Includes vast range of reporting options targeted to specific representatives, supervisors, managers, and executives
  • Audit/Appeals Process- Allows for tracking of audits/appeals and the outcome of each request
  • Technical Support- Get immediate help directly from Sage Analytics, or call us directly for assistance.
  • Customization- Customize solutions to meet your unique quality program needs
  • SAAS Solution-No software or hardware to purchase. None.

Sage Advantage provides technical support for Evaluate Quality. Sage is also going one step further and offering business process support packages. Based on the success of their engineered quality programs for clients, Sage is offering business process support to ensure clients achieve their objectives with affordable flexible pricing structure both large and smaller contact centers will find this cloud based solution an extraordinary option that fit their budget.

Evaluate Quality provides operational staff with extremely user friendly tools and functions for quality assurance management. At the same time, it provides senior management a view in how the data is being utilized and how it correlates with progress toward achievement and maintaining your business objectives.

Sage Advantage is a quality management service provider for call centers. Located in Scottsdale, AZ- we can service the entire nation. Sage’s core business is to improve customer experience. Through engineered quality programs combined with industry-leading technologies, Sage Advantage ensures clients deliver superior customer experience while reducing the cost of managing quality. Sage Advantage also provides cloud based contact center quality management system providing each valued client fully customized quality program configuration achieve their objectives. For more information, contact Sage Advantage or Evaluate Quality today.