Call monitoring is a big job, let someone help
Outsourced call monitoring can help you tackle one of the biggest jobs your quality team has. Call monitoring is an essential part of ensuring your call center is running smoothly and providing the best possible customer service when your customers call in. But, monitoring calls and providing feedback and coaching can be a time consuming job. That’s where we come in.

Using outsourced call monitoring, like that offered by Sage Advantage, offers many benefits. See some of the top reasons you should consider outsourced call monitoring services.

1.) Get a team of experts on your side
By using outsourced call monitoring from Sage Advantage, you get a team of experts on your side. They’ll listen to calls, and provide feedback to your managers on areas for improvement. Your Quality Manager will then provide you with training suggestions and coaching ideas so not only do your representatives improve, your managers develop their skills as well.

2.) Your call center’s performance will improve
When your call center agents receive feedback and proper training, they’ll improve at their jobs. Nobody wants to be at a job where they aren’t given the opportunity to grow and improve, which makes call monitoring and QA an essential part having a quality call center.

3.) Your sales and customer retention may go up
When your call center performs well, you end up with happier customers. Happy customers tend to stay with a brand or company they like, and may even recommend you to their friends and family. So, a call center that is well trained and provides quality customer service can lead to improved customer retention, and even increased sales.

4.) You get more time back in your day
Another benefit of outsourced call monitoring is the time you’ll get back in your day. By letting us handle your quality monitoring needs, you can focus on other tasks such as scheduling, hiring, and more.

We offer more than just call center outsourcing services
At Sage Advantage, we pride ourselves on helping you meet your goals. Along with outsourced call monitoring, we also offer a variety of other tools and services to meet your needs. Our analytics programs can identify trends and allows you to take quick action to address them. You can also utilize our survey product to get candid feedback from your customers on how they felt their interaction with your call center went.

Outsourced call monitoring
To learn more about outsourced call monitoring with Sage Advantage, or to learn more about our other tools and services, like Evaluate Quality, be sure to contact us today. We’d be happy to schedule a free, no obligation demonstration and answer any questions you may have.