Using outsourced call quality monitoring to improve your client’s satisfaction
Outsourced call quality monitoring can help ensure your call center representatives are performing at their best. Not only does outsourced call quality monitoring help your agents perform better, it also offers your company many benefits as well.

When you choose Sage Advantage to help you with your coaching and training needs, you get a dedicated team of experts on your side. We provide you with expert knowledge and strategies to put your call center on the right path.

Both your agents and your business benefit from outsourced call quality monitoring
Nobody likes to be at a job where they can’t improve or aren’t taught new skills. Outsourced call quality monitoring can benefit your employees by helping them be the best they can be at their jobs. By teaching them listening skills so they can really hear the customer’s issue and find the best solution for them, you can feel confident your customers are receiving quality service with each call.

Your business benefits from outsourced call quality monitoring as well. Everyone knows the importance of quality customer service, and your call center is the frontlines of customer interactions. A well trained and coached call center can help you retain customers and sell more. Plus, happy customers may even bring you new customers as well.

Your Quality Manager will perform group reviews with your managers
As part of our outsourced call quality monitoring services, our quality manager will review calls and perform a group reviews with your managerial team. This helps your managers and supervisors develop their training skills as the quality manager will help them identify trends and how to address them.

We’ll also review agent performance and identify high performers as well as areas of improvement for each agent. They will then provide clear cut courses of action you can take, for individuals and groups, with measurable steps to achieve improvement. These steps will help you develop your agents’ skills and improve their level of customer service.

Outsourced call quality monitoring services to improve your business performance levels
Sage Advantage can help with your call center oOutsourced call quality monitoringptimization needs. Coaching and training in your call center can help your agents develop their skills and improve their performance. This can lead to a better customer service experience for your customers. By working with your Quality Manager, you’ll get an expert to help you ensure your agents are performing at their best. To learn more about our outsourced call quality monitoring services, as well as the many other call center quality services we provide, be sure to contact us. We’d be happy to schedule a free demonstration of our services and show you how we can benefit your call center. Also check out our cloud software at Evaluate Quality, founded by Sage Advantage.