Quality monitoring is an essential part of call center
Outsourced call quality monitoring can help ensure your call center is providing the best customer service possible when your customers reach out. Everyone knows the important role call centers play in helping retain customers, and a bad experience can cost you customers while a great experience can help you retain loyal customers. But, monitoring all the calls your agents handle each day can be a daunting task. Let us help.

We become an extension of your QA team
When you use Sage Advantage for outsourced call quality monitoring, we work with you to achieve and succeed your call center goals. But, we don’t become some distant, separate entity. Instead, we become an extension of your QA team.

We offer call recording and monitoring, as well as training and coaching
Outsourced call quality monitoring combines many different tool, all of which Sage Advantage offers. Our call recording service can be used in conjunction with another, existing phone system, or it can be used with our system. We then monitor the calls to identify both high performers as well as areas in which agents can improve.

But, outsourced call quality monitoring also needs a training and coaching element. After reviewing the calls, you Quality Team will conduct group reviews with your managers and supervisors. Then, they’ll provide coaching and training suggestions to your supervisors. This not only improves your agent’s performance but helps improve the coaching skills of your supervisory staff.

We provide a variety of tools and services to benefit your call center
Sage Advantage offers more than just the call recording and coaching that is associated with outsourced call quality monitoring. We offer a variety of tools and services that will help ensure your call center is providing excellent customer service, and performing the best it can.

Our SAAS system is a cloud based software that allows you to optimize your call center by keeping everything you need in one system. Our system is easy to navigate but can house everything from reports to call recordings to customer survey responses.

Outsourced call quality monitoring
Outsourced call quality monitoring ensures your customers are receiving quality service when they call in. A well running call center can help retain customers and even improve your sales. When you use Sage Advantage or Evaluate Quality, you get a team of experts who can review calls and offer suggestions for improvement. Not to mention, we provide everything you need to ensure you call center runs smoothly. To learn more about our services, or to schedule a free demonstration of our products, be sure to contact us today.