Your call center plays an important role in your company’s success
Quality monitoring, offered by Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Advantage, can help ensure your call center is running smoothly. Everyone knows the importance of good, quality customer service, whether in person or on the phone. A good experience can help you keep a customer and increase your customer’s loyalty. But, a bad experience can cost you a good customer. That’s why it’s essential that you feel confident your call center is providing exceptional customer service to those that call in.

Sage Advantage can help ensure your call center is performing well and assisting customers to the best of their ability. Quality monitoring, though important, can be time consuming and managers may struggle to find the time to devote to it. See how we can help ease the burden when it comes to monitoring your call center.

Our call recording and monitoring service make it easy to review phone calls
Two tools Sage Advantage offers are call recording and call monitoring. Our call recording system can work as an add on to your existing phone service, or as part of using our software platform. This service allows you to record calls easily, which makes it easier to pull and review later.

We also offer call monitoring as part of your quality monitoring services. Reviewing calls allows you to see what type of service your call center agents are providing. It not only allows you to identify high performing agents but also identify areas agents in which agents need more training. Our experts will review our findings and go over them with your managerial team. Then, they’ll make suggestions to help your managers work with your representatives.

We offer a variety of other tools and services as well
Along with the two main parts of quality monitoring, call recording and monitoring, Sage Advantage offers a variety of other tools and services as well. Our software platform allows you to store a large amount of data but features an easy to navigate design. By using our analytics options, you can quickly identify trends and take action to correct any errors you notice. Plus, you can ensure your call center is adequately staffed using our predictive analytics.

Our survey tools also assist with quality monitoring. They allow you to get feedback directly from the customer. This can help you gain a better idea of how the customer felt about their interaction with your agent.

Quality monitoring based in Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona based company Sage Advantage offers a variety of services to help ensure your call center is providing excellent customer service. By allowing us to assist with your quality monitoring needs, we can help improve customer satisfaction and help your managers get more time back in their day. Be sure to contact us today to learn more, or to request a free demonstration.