Quality monitoring of call centers and their agents can help give them the tools to improve their performance

Successful companies engage outside, independent businesses specializing in given platforms to come in and provide quality monitoring in all phases of their operation. For a company to achieve and then maintain top levels of productivity and quality, all elements of the business at all levels must be operating at optimal levels, working well together to maximize productivity.

Quality monitoring in hard data

When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction levels, information or data obtained can be very often evaluated more subjectively than other measures monitored in a business. For example, sales numbers in given markets or regions provide hard data that can be quickly evaluated and acted on accordingly if necessary. Factories and manufacturing facilities have entire teams of Quality Control personnel that monitor productivity for every machine in every division by the hour, recording production output, quality measures that come within certain parameters, and so on. Again, solid documentation in numbers that can be pretty “black and white”.

Quality monitoring that can be harder to track

Quality monitoring of customer satisfaction can be a much more difficult measure to quantify. After all, the company isn’t there when people are using their products or services. The customer experience, whether terrific or terrible, can’t be measured unless they provide feedback on their experience with the products. When feedback is provided, the customer experience, good or bad, can be properly documented and reported on, which in more and more cases now fall into the hands of a call center contracted out by the company. If the call center doesn’t provide the results in any number of metrics they were brought in to perform, then they too must be monitored. And that is where call center quality monitoring plays a significant role in the whole customer service matrix.

Companies need to make it clear what they want from their call center

When companies look to bring in a call center, they should make it clear to call center company ‘candidates’ what their expectations are from the call center and the call center’s agents. With clearly defined parameters laid out, they can then hire the call center they feel will be most suited to adequately fulfill their requirements.

Once the call center is in place, quality monitoring of their activities need to commence

With high customer service held at such a premium now, monitoring of call centers, often the first (and only) point of customer interaction must be done. Ensuring that they are fulfilling all they are hired to do takes constant monitoring and tracking. A company that has the tools, technology, experience, and implements software specific to call center monitoring can efficiently and effectively keep track of call center activities, and is as important to have “in the fold” as the call centers themselves.

Evaluate Quality™, powered by Sage Advantage, can provide the quality monitoring your company needs

Sage Advantage, located in Scottsdale AZ,  utilizes powerful quality monitoring tools, one of which is the Evaluate Quality™ system. Give them a call, or contact them online to set up a free one-on-one demonstration of all Sage Advantage can bring to your business to assist you with all your call center monitoring needs.