Quality monitoring is a must-have for any growing business

Quality monitoring is a crucial component to any business looking for an exceptional customer experience.  After all, you want your customer base to keep growing, as well as continue to come back and use your services.  In order to make this dream a reality, you must monitor and supervise the various aspects of your business, ensuring that your employees are providing your customers with the detail and care you expect to see.  However, the ability to supervise everybody can be nearly impossible if done alone.  That’s why so many business-owners have looked towards Sage Advantage’s call center software and quality management services to help get the job done right!

Quality monitoring from Sage Advantage can be done in a variety of ways.  For example, there’s customer satisfaction surveys!  Many of today’s most successful businesses have implemented these surveys into their business model.  By doing so, these companies have gained valuable insight from their customer base, allowing them to make changes to their business approach that will surely satisfy their customer needs.

Types of customer satisfaction surveys

These surveys can come in a variety of ways.  Firstly, there are automated integrated voice response (IVR) customer satisfaction surveys, which occur immediately after a customer ends the conversation with the call center.  The customer will be taken to an IVR-based survey, which will record their dialogue and truly capture the customer’s needs.  The results are then available immediately for you to view online.

You could also choose to have live customer satisfaction surveys.  These are similar to IVR-based surveys, except that the customer will be transferred to a Sage Advantage live agent instead.  By choosing this quality monitoring option, you will be able to receive more authentic feedback from the customer, since they’ll have the comfort of knowing that they’re talking to a real-life representative and not an automated message.

Lastly, you could choose to have an automated web-based customer satisfaction survey for your company.  In this survey option, a customer will receive an email which provides a link to an online survey.  Like other quality monitoring surveys, the customer feedback will be available to you instantly.  A web-based option may be the one you consider since it lets the customer complete the survey at their own leisure and not feel forced to answer questions after a call.  Whatever option you choose, you’ll get exceptional information about your business and employees through Sage Analytics.

Quality Monitoring for your call center- from Sage Advantage in Scottsdale AZ

Are you ready to give quality monitoring a shot?  Many large and small businesses have decided to use Sage Advantage and are never looking back!  Browse through the website to learn more information about their call center software and the other services they provide! Also check out the cloud based software developed by Sage Advantage at Evaluate Quality.