The Dramatic Shift to a Bunker Economy

Over the last few weeks companies have collectively invoked emergency operational procedures in order to abide by CDC guidelines to help slow the spread of Covid-19. This dramatic move en masse has effectively created a temporary virtual bunker economy, as all those that can work from home do so. However, some industries by their very nature cannot function in this manner as their primary business activity resides outside of the bunker. The airline and hospitality industries are clear examples globally.  Local visible impacts are that of restaurants and walk in traffic dependent services. Commerce has moved underground, coming out only for essential services.

Within the bunker a tremendous amount of economic activity is still occurring. We see it across our diverse client base as companies respond to support their customers, vendors and surrounding communities. Not a single industry has been untouched by Covid-19.  The creative and in some cases Herculean efforts to support employees, customers and those on the frontlines is something we haven’t seen in many generations.


Real-Time Analysis – Keeping a Pulse on Your Customer Base

The more we know and understand about the evolving customer impact and how our collective organizations can help cushion the effects, the better-informed decisions we can make. The customer impact manifests in different ways and changes based on the perceived and actual timeframes as the situation unfolds. Understanding the underlying timeframe sensitivities of your customers will translate into your developing operational strategies.


Maintain a Flexible Strategy for Contingent Operations, It Can Be Done 

There is a wide variety of business operational structures, each with their own unique customer interaction requirements and challenges. You should be listening to customers and continuously analyzing the evolving impact to determine the most prudent way to help. Based on data analysis and evolving circumstances, build an interim flexible strategy for addressing customer needs. It should go without saying that health and safety should be the #1 priority of every organization’s strategy. From there review your customers unique needs specific to your product or service within the context of this health emergency. Within your strategy you should address immediate needs and reassurances, then anticipate your customers’ needs in the coming weeks as they will change as the timeframe extends. Finally, the last element you should have in mind as we progress through this uncharted territory is your restorative strategy. Now is the most difficult time to think about it with so many unknowns in the coming weeks, however thinking through all possible scenarios and how your organization envisions coming through this period is critical to the people that make up your organization and your customers.


Covid-19 Direct Support

We can provide healthcare, supporting organizations and government entities with dedicated teams to assist with interaction analytics in support of Covid-19 efforts. Services are being provided at cost with priority implementation and extended team hours. Contact us at 480-941-0094 or Schedule a call.


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