Third party call center QA helps call centers regulate the quality of their services

The basic overall premise is something that any company in any industry can and must subscribe to- quality customer service is extraordinarily important. Without keeping the customer happy, that customer is lost. And of course, lost customers result in lost revenue, and ultimately, business failure. Fundamentally, “the customer is always right” is easy to say, but the more difficult task in the process of determining what makes the customer happy and satisfied can be a bit more difficult to quantify. Primarily for this reason, companies bring in third party call centers to be the “first line” of communication with customers.

Call centers need monitoring to ensure they’re performing up to expectations

Call centers, when performing up to quality expectations set by the company, can be a most valuable resource for a company. Call centers can not only be fundamental in customer retention and satisfaction but can save the company money and even help drive revenue higher. They are often the first, and many times the only point of contact a customer may have with the company. After all, even though the call center brought in is often a third-party company, for all intents and purposes they are the company to the customer. If there are inadequacies or lack of execution on this level, business for the company suffers. In recognition of this important factor, companies that rely on call centers should correspondingly bring in a company that monitors and tracks the call center through third party call center quality assurance (or QA).

Bringing in a proven third party call center QA company

The company brought in to provide quality monitoring services specializes in delivering their services with a number of different metrics that are highly effective and yield immediate results. Sage Advantage is a worldwide industry leader in providing these services, and have been continually adding and upgrading their services and technology to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

What Sage Advantage can bring to your company

Sage Advantage will monitor your call center in real time, providing continual online reports, detailed evaluations of the call center’s productivity, and will be able to provide guidance and input as to how improvements can be made. They integrate “Sage Analytics”, a simple to use yet highly effective proprietary quality analysis system.

Through a number of multiple formats, they can offer customer satisfaction surveys to get a very accurate reading as to how the customers truly view your business. This valuable feedback may be one of the best gauges that can be studied and evaluated to effect changes in processes or procedures if particular needs are identified.

Sage Advantage provides call recording, which is a terrific tool that aids in gaining better quality control and helping to improve sales training for call center employees.

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