Third party call center QA services have become increasingly popular among businesses

Third party call center QA (quality assurance), has become a growing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  That’s because these third party centers provide you with proven ways of improving the customer service department of your business.  We all as business-owners understand how crucial it is to have a fully-functioning and efficient customer service department.  Failure to do so can bring about a lot of challenges to your business.  You’ll be losing returning customers and have a dramatic decrease in the amount of sales for the year.  In order to avoid this headache, many businesses around Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona have looked into Sage Advantage for all their call center needs.

Sage Advantage is unlike any other business in the market.  That’s because they provide a plethora of services related to improving your business’ customer service department.  They can bring in coaches to help teach your employees, provide you with analytic software to receive valuable data/information, and suggest intuitive and informative surveys for your customers to fill out.

Examples of effective quality assurance

Third party call center QA services provided by Sage Advantage starts with extensive coaching.  These coaches from Sage Advantage will sit down with your team and teach them how to listen and answer customer questions fast and effectively.  By learning these new techniques, employees will be able to perform better and provide a more pleasant customer service experience.  After this coaching is complete, a Sage Advantage team member can sit down with you in order to help you monitor your employee’s progress.  This will help you set apart the people that have gotten the concepts down versus the people that still need improvement.

Sage Advantage can also assist you as a third party call center QA service by providing analytic software for you to use.  The computer program, called Evaluate Quality, was developed by Sage Advantage and helps keep track of various statistics that will help you get a better idea of what needs to be improved upon.

Customer satisfaction surveys are another part of Sage Advantage’s third party call center QA service.  These surveys help you get information from customers about what their experience was like.  This, coupled with the Evaluate Quality software, provides you with all the information you need in order to ensure a smooth customer experience.  These surveys come in a variety of forms.  They can happen over the phone, either with an automated integrated voice response (IVR) or with a live Sage Advantage agent.  Regardless of which option you choose, the surveys will be recorded for you to view instantly online.  You could also choose to do an online survey, which would be sent via email after the customer has gotten off the phone with your company.  This allows the customer to take their time with the survey, potentially providing better results.  Whichever option you choose, you’re getting valuable information you need from your customer base.

Top Call Center Quality Assurance with Sage Advantage in Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

With all that being said, if you’re a business-owner of any size business, then you should make the right move and contact Sage Advantage and its excellent third party call center QA service! Also check out their cloud based software at Evaluate Quality. Also founded by Sage Advantage. Improve your quality in the call centers today.