Third party call monitoring regulates and assists call centers in heightening productivity

The call center that a company employs to provide their services can be, depending on how effectively they perform and satisfy the needs of a company, a company’s greatest customer service asset. Likewise, if not performing up to standards, it can prove to be a tremendous liability. As is so often the case, the call center is the only contact an existing customer has with the company. If the call center fails in providing adequate if not outstanding customer service, the chances for losing customers right here on the front line of customer interaction increase substantially.

As businesses that have call centers working for them are becoming more and more aware, customer retention through quality call center experiences is extraordinarily important. What was once considered little more than a customer courtesy, something of an external factor that wasn’t looked at or considered very important has certainly changed. Now, with competition on a worldwide scale at its highest levels ever, thanks in great part to online internet activity, customer satisfaction and retention is more critical now than it’s ever been. To this end, companies absolutely must optimize all their services on every level. And one measure that is experienced perhaps more than any other for a company is the service customers receive from call centers.

What companies need to do to get call center quality assurance

Companies need to monitor and regulate the activity of their call centers to ensure that they are performing up to their highest standards; to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations they signed on to perform. For this reason, companies bring in an industry leader, like Sage Advantage, that specializes in third party call monitoring.

How third party call monitoring works

To improve the customer experience, Sage Advantage has implemented specific disciplines of psychology, advanced engineering and technology to head to the forefront of the call monitoring industry.

There is no “one size fits all” system for call centers; likewise, monitoring of call centers must be done on a case by case basis as well. Parameters set by the company that the call center needs to follow are recognized by the monitoring company by advanced means of monitoring and evaluation through advanced technology. Sage Advantage utilizes their advanced Evaluate Quality system, which enables them to monitor and evaluate calls, email, and chat in one centralized system, all in real-time reporting. Agent analysis can be quickly and efficiently compiled, put into reports, and submitted to company personnel who can then make determinations as to the center’s or agent’s effectiveness and productivity levels. If changes are necessary, these could then be implemented quickly, “righting the ship” before anything gets out of hand.

Learn more about third party call monitoring with Sage Advantage

Sage Advantage can provide an extraordinary array of services that can greatly assist in monitoring, evaluating, and coaching your call center to maximize their effectiveness. This will help in customer satisfaction and retention, which adds up to greater revenue for the company. Call us today and set up a free one-on-one demonstration, and see what fine services we can bring you to help you achieve optimal customer satisfaction in your call center’s performance.