Third party call monitoring and analysis can assist in call center productivity

Perhaps it’s simply human nature, but many people will remember for much longer, in vivid detail, an especially bad experience that happens to them, much more so than an especially enjoyable or pleasant experience. For reasons perhaps difficult to quantify, this seems to be even more significant when it comes to personal interaction with others. And as it relates to such interactions, there may be no better example to look at than the experience people have with call centers.

Usually by phone, but with contact via chat and email becoming more popular, people enjoy and appreciate a good customer experience, but usually it’s pretty much forgotten relatively quickly. A really bad customer service experience, on the other hand, can stick with someone forever. It can get to a point in a bad call center experience that the customer will take down names, dates and times of negative contact, and will go so far as to go out of their way to report this experience to call center supervision or management. When things get to this point, that’s a lost customer, guaranteed. And it happens much, much more than companies care to think about.

Third party call monitoring can help determine where call center problems lie

People are calling and talking to call center agents for a reason. Customers calling to simply compliment the company on their product experience are few and far between. The great majority of callers have a question about a product, have a concern about something product-related, or downright have a complaint and want someone to know about it. One way or the other, they’re taking their own time to get something resolved. Naturally, the very last thing they want at this point is to have a very negative experience with a call center agent.

Negatives can occur quickly in a number of different ways, which can include being put on hold for too long; having to listen to menu after menu options before getting even remotely close to being able to talk to a “live person”; and then, when they can speak with someone, that person is rude, indifferent, or is just plain uneducated on the product or service they’re supposed to be able to help customers with. It is for these deficiencies, and others, that call for a third party call monitoring company to have a presence there.

How call monitoring can help

Monitoring of call centers in real time can yield valuable information and data about the call center and their levels of productivity, and in certain situations, profitability. A number of different metrics can be taken, investigated and analyzed, and reported on to implement measures to make changes and improvements in the whole call center process.

In addition to these measures, leading call centers with advanced technology, such as that which Sage Advantage features, integrate Automated Integrated Voice Response (IVR) Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Automated (Web-Based) Customer Satisfaction Surveys to get immediate feedback from customers who have just had an experience with the call center. There may be no quicker or more reliable means of getting customer feedback than to provide this convenient feature for customers to be able to utilize if they so choose to do so.

Sage Advantage in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ can be your third party call monitoring solution

Sage Advantage is an industry leader, providing top-of-the-line services and advanced technology to help keep your call center working at optimal levels. We also offer Evaluate Quality, a cloud based QA monitoring system. Give us a call and set up a free one-on-one demonstration of all the quality services we can provide for you and your call center today.