A first-rate contact center with expertly trained staff is the FIRST ingredient to a well-run business. Unfortunately, too many organizations stop there…

  • They don’t receive feedback and data about the customers and agents
  • They receive the data far too late to make a difference
  • Or they don’t know how to analyze the data once they get it

While Sage Advantage is a quality management service for contact centers, we have also developed a proprietary analysis system. It’s called Sage Analytics.

SAGE ANALYTICS: 10+ Years of Research, Client Input and Results

Sage Analytics was developed with you in mind. Our clients and their customers asked for a simple-to-use yet robust web-based quality management system that allows for feedback and analysis. Now your representatives receive detailed timely evaluations. Now they’ll know precisely how to improve service quality. Now you’ll achieve the results you seek. Of course, there’s no software or hardware to purchase as the technology is provided via Software as a Service (SAAS) that is flexible and affordable.


Want to use the same system as the experts for your own quality evaluation purposes, use our customer independent version of Sage Analytics
“Evaluate Quality”. Learn more.

Sage Analytics creates value by empowering your organization with analysis that drives quality, including:

  • Real-Time Reporting:
    Access feedback and analysis immediately to start taking action
  • Customizable Quality Evaluations Criteria:
    Specific to your unique procedures, business objectives, and customer base dynamics.
  • Centralized Quality Reporting:
    Independent of recording systems, receive cross-platform evaluations and centralized quality reporting
  • Predictive Analytics:
    See the future and affect change before it happens.
  • Coaching:
    Coaching session management, scheduling, and tracking included
  • Calibration:
    Achieve calibration across multiple locations and vendors. The system provides real-time results and gap analysis.
  • Analytics & Reporting:
    Includes vast range of reporting options targeted to specific representatives, supervisors, managers, and executives.
  • Audit/Appeals Process:
    Allows for tracking of audits/appeals and the outcome of each request
  • Technical Support:
    Get immediate help directly from Sage Analytics, or call us directly for assistance.
  • Customization:
    Customize solutions to meet your unique quality program needs
  • SAAS Solution:
    No software or hardware to purchase. None.

Your expert third-party quality management team combined with an advanced analytics solution is your pathway to engineered success. Learn how our call center monitoring and quality management solution is an industry best… with a flexible and affordable cost. Schedule an online demo today!

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