Knowledge Creating Value — The Right Technology
Backed By Experience & Expertise

Sage Advantage is reshaping how businesses extract and leverage information from customer interactions to drive results.  Through our approach of leveraging technology and human ingenuity we provide clients both the expertise and advanced technology with unparalleled focused on client success.

What Makes Us Different

Sage Advantage takes a multidisciplinary approach to efficiently analyze interactions and target high value trends and the underlying interactions. Engineered to adapt to any industry, we validate and identify emerging trends and continue to build deeper analysis utilizing AI and Machine Learning.

  • Experience: There is no substitute for experience-based knowledge. We have worked with hundreds of companies and organizations and leverage that experience to help our clients efficiently achieve their objectives.
  • Ture Partnership: You have a team engaged in achieving your objects that has a proven track record of exemplary service and support in all our client relationships.
  • Speed of Implementation: We have streamlined the process including working with client IT and client outsource providers.
  • Multidisciplined Approach: We utilize an advanced approach to contact center quality management where we combine disciplines of psychology, engineering and technology to improve decision-making and results.

We build relationships with our customers grounded upon the highest levels of business ethics and professionalism, with a laser focus on customer success.

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