Customer service is an important part of business
Call Center QA services, Scottsdale AZCall center QA services offered by Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage is an integral part of having successful customer service interactions. Everyone has a story, or two, of a time they experienced poor customer service and it caused them to no longer use those services or company. And as most business owners and managers know, it can be difficult to regain a customer’s loyalty once they have a bad experience.

That’s where we come in. Sage Advantage offers a variety of tools and services to help you monitor your call center and improve performance. Our belief that high quality call centers result in higher customer satisfaction drives our commitment to part with you to find the best tools to help you meet, and even exceed, your goals.

Call center QA through call monitoring is often our top priority
Call center QA is one of the top priorities of call center managers. By monitoring phone calls, we can help ensure customers are getting the best customer service possible, and we provide a variety of tools and services to help get your call center there.

Call recording can help ensure managers, call center representatives, and QA people can access calls when needed, such as part of a call center QA process or to settle a dispute. By storing and reviewing these calls, we can use our analytics tools to identify trends as well as coaching opportunities and take quick action.

Our survey product is another helpful tool in your call center QA arsenal. We work to get the survey to customers when it’s most meaningful. This means getting the survey to your customers at the right time and in the right medium so that the interaction is top of mind when they get the questions. This helps ensure honest and accurate feedback.

Analytics also play a big roll in call center QA Services
Analytics are a significant component of call center QA, but, some managers and employers may have a hard time accessing the reports and information they need as they need to navigate multiple systems. Our proprietary platform, named Sage Analytics, houses all this information in an easy to navigate dashboard. Designed with you in mind, we made it easy to use while also storing a lot of information.

Call center QA services in Scottsdale, Arizona
Scottsdale, Arizona based company Sage Advantage is so much more than just a call center QA company. We partner with you to learn your goals and needs, and then, we create a customized program to help you meet them. To learn more about the importance of call center QA, our tools, and services, or to schedule a free demonstration, be sure to contact us today.