Free month of services is currently being offered by Sage Advantage. Sign up for the demonstration, then you can get the free month of services of Evaluate Quality for your call center.

Sage Advantage has new offerings called Evaluate Quality™. This software- affordable for all sized businesses can be tested in a free demonstration. Contact Sage Advantage or Evaluate Quality to schedule a demonstration.

Once you complete the demonstration. Sage Advantage is offering the month of services, for those who want to try out Evaluate Quality™. This is a limited time offer.

Evaluate Quality™ offers to all sized businesses:

• Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
• Centralized Quality Reporting
• Customizable Quality Evaluations
• Manage Coaching and Track Effectiveness
• Predictive Analysis
• Powerful Analytics & Comprehensive Reporting
• Audit/Appeals Tracking & Analysis

All this is available in the free month. Any sized business can benefit from improved call center quality.

Evaluate Quality offers”…the flexibility to evaluate, analyze and track improvement of our service quality across multiple centers… analysis or assistance is second to none.” – Aviation Service Organization

To apply for your demonstration and free month’s trial contact Sage Advantage at (866) 645-6478.